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Jeannette (2012)
Jeannette is a monologue in which Joan of Arc's spirit narrates and relives the most relevant moments of the heroine's existence. The Maid of Orléans tells us about her memories of her life as a little girl, as a warrior later, and finally as a visionary saint, beyond all the stereotypes associated with her figure.

Mirabilia (2014)
​Mirabilia is an experimental theater piece about the theme of "martyrdom".

It shows the broader meaning of a violent act on a weak and unarmed person; on the stage, scenes about infanticide, violence against women, against mentally ill people and war refugees.

I Love Ursula Hamdress (2016)
​A tribute to consumable body

I Love Ursula Hamdress is a show on feminine identity, inspired by The Sexual Politics of Meat, by Carol Adams. Ursula Hamdress was a sow, dressed up like a Playmate that appeared in Playboar, “the Playboy magazine of the pig farmers” in 1981.


The work examines the meaning of being female through an analysis that compares the condition of women to the condition of female farmed animals. It wants to be a tribute to all females against the exploitation of women and animals by our patriarchal system.


All about my mothers (2020)

This work is a participatory show that seeks to be a tribute to all mothers; to all our female family members as well as to all the female farm animals, to celebrate and to honour their lives, to be grateful to them, and to restore value of maternity itself in our patriarchal-androcentric and capitalist society.

All about my mothers is a celebration of all the mothers of our planet in recognition of their consumable bodies and their invisible existences, and to establish through them a true and profound relation with nature, taking our roots into being itself.

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